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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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>> the broncos are headed for the play offs and carried to the post season on the back of the man who started it all. we have complete coverage of peyton manning's return. >> . reparking and re-energizing in second half. to come back and get a big win. over an always pesky phillip rivers. >> . there's peyton manning. he's backing up brock osweiler today. how he entered the day. more from peyton manning in just a minute. first up pwroblg and the broncos
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second play of the game. denver. >> 71 kwraord catch and run by demaryious thomas. binge. picked off. little later. second quarter. osweiler back to pass. he's got pressure. he gets. the sack. recovered by san diego. >> pressured again. ball tipped at the line. flutters and picked off. race the other way. deep into whereon broncos territory. set up a field goal. 7 to 6. rivers meanwhile. here he takes a sack. really a self-sack. and down he goes. finally the score at the half. 7 to 6. broncos take the lead. now second half. things get interesting. rivers steps up throws. his favorite receiver.
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13 to 7 san diego. meanwhile. on the broncos sideline. broncos need a park. look at that. there he is. peyton manning. here he comes. to a standing ovation. >> . at mile high. peyton manning would waste little time getting right to work -fplgt in the shotgun. quick hitter here. >> capping off the 8 play 80 yard drive. anderson. bulldozes in for a touch. that was good. 14 to 13. broncos. now 17 to 13 broncos. what we have here is a failure to communicate. i mean nobody is in coverage on williams. he goes 80 kwradz down the seems. place was shocked. >> broncos defense. could use a turn over here.
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>> . he would watch from the site sideline. a lot of questions to be sk-dz asked now. including who's going to start when the play offs start. i'm sure the coach will get that question momentarily. stepping upright now. >> . sometimes you just feel as the for. that tremendous leader ship. type of stuff. and that's what i felt. i know peyton manning the last couple weeks have been real good. ready to go. and i don't think brock did anything wrong. we had some turn overs but. a couple were not. he had nothing to do with. we could have helped him a lot. my gut told me to turn it over to him. team. just very proud of him.
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for us. and just a gut feeling. >> . what do you do for the next two weeks. to decide who. >> i have been hit on that twice will already. we'll enjoy winning tonight. and give the guys a break. >> how much did you talk to peyton manning before the game. in the week leading up to the game. to let him know what phaeugt might happen. >> i would say our conversation is has been steady. through this whole ordeal. through the injury. but his conversation back to me. over the course of the last two weeks. i could feel.
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he was back ready to go. i was concerned two weeks ago. he couldn't make it through the week. and we took a little step back. we had a great week on his own. a great week with the team this week. >> hard to say he struggled up front. for some republican we got
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if we have time make the throw. so. i'll go back and look at the film. i think we could have protected better. but when you move the ball like we did. somebody is doing something right. >> two things. >> all right the big question there. he was asked who's the starter. here in a couple weeks. and he says he has a little time. doesn't have the make the decision yet. he'll talk to both. sounds like they'll go back to work on thursday. they deserved time. the number one over all seed. speaking of which. hard to believe the broncos could even be considered number one over all. that was the situation. thanks to new england losing at phaoeu ham phaoe today. all of denver became huge dolphins fans. for that earl ily game. they got it done. as a result the broncos with a win to clench the number one seed. they were able to capitalize and get that done. it looked bleak down the stretch. if they would have loss they would be a five seed. having to go to houston.
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in the game. >> insayty today. in the insanity today. everything played out perfectly for the broncos. they needed a miracle. and broncos country was the biggest fans during the early game. patriots had to lose. and not many saw this coming. >> . south beach. this is something that really scared patriots fans. take a look.
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>> brady hurt his ankle. he would get taped up. come back in. but really going muster of ten points total for the pats. dolphins took advantage. >> they add a late field goal. patriots fall 20 to ten. 234 in a shock in a shocker. here it is. the play off picture. it goes through denver. in the a if, c. the broncos are the one seed. the patriots drop to the twao stwo two seed. next week the chiefs who have won ten straight. heading to houston. and the steelers snuck in thanks to a jets loss. and a win in cleveland. pittsburg is a 6 seed. and will play at rival cincinnati. the broncos were banged up in the crazy battle. so. the team. and now the question. will it be peyton manning's team going forward. talk about a wild day with twists and turns that ended in
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>> and number 18 back in action. >> . this is where he'll spend the play offs too. whether the broncos play at home.
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>> equally as important. who will be throwing the football. >> my thoughts are manning. >> . that's what i would like to see. especially since it might be his last year. i'd like to see him go out on a high note. get the ring. >> . peyton manning did make a surprise return tonight. >> brock is some fans still want to brock on. >> . i love brock. i think he's really great. and we should keep him. >> either way. >> whoever is healthy. whoever can play the best. >> these fans won't be disappointed. >> we're all broncos fans and
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>> the tpeurs i went down to score. came back. we had a big play. could have scored again. but had a turn over. i thought it was going to be 28 to 3 at halftime. it koufpb could have been that way. but we fought through. got through it and we got the win. >> . >> you knew the patriots had lost. was there more pressure. or make you giddy. >> the main thing was going out and doing our job. we knew we were going to the play offs. just what position. we were going to do our job and get the win. >> . how would you describe the mood in the huddle.
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we're hearing peyton manning is live. right now. we'll listen in. >> . jim and brock the past 3 years. you don't get many reps when you're. at least when i have been the starter you haven't. so. i got a good taste of that. this week. and you study and prepare. and go through the calls. and been such a crazy year. strange first half. tip balls. i havei have been there. and you say, not sure what i can do get better and full fumble. ofobviously it was an important game. and you're playing a team that has nothing to lose. those are scary games. sometimes you would rather play somebody who has more on the
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>> . we got two weeks before we play again. i'll see how i feel tomorrow.
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i got a good welcome back to on the field football. about somebody hit me hard. and left a little message. as he was getting up. used me to help tkpet get up. and my chest got me in the chest. i'll see how i feel tomorrow. i'm glad we won the division. and won the game today. that would have been sickening. it's been a different year. and i was glad to be able to contribute. >> . i held up okay. i didn't have to move a ton. tried to throw the ball on time. of course we ran the ball.
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>> it felt like i hadn't played in a bit. but. preseason. you want to have. a tight throw. you want to get wac you get back in the feel of things. >> he said this game which i
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play. >> excited. happy peyton manning. we have seen there. in some time. certainly dealing with a lot of months. >> when you consider the injury he suffered in mid october. and recent hgh allegations. a lot of smiles.
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>> addiction counselor was in the building saturday. for a class? >> >> i had class at 10:30. >> flames un-gulfed the clients made it out rutter. >> i hope he's okay. heard from. since. >> .
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arrived on scene. yesterday. they did every attempt to enter the structure. that was on fire. and they countered heavy smoke. heavy fire.
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>> . generally speaking. still mild. compared to what we saw through the end of december. to say the least. in. this evening. could see a few of those. spill down into the metro area. over night tonight. i think things will stay quiet. degrees. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. certainly a lot warmer than recent mornings. still. much. pretty chilly night lies >> . temperatures back to about 46. another nice warm and sunny afternoon. kick off the workweek.
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of clouds and sun continues into tuesday. one better with a high of 47. wednesday partly cloudy. as numbers get back to about 43. we have some snow in our 7-day forecast. you. half hour. >> . thank you. it's been just over 4 years since u.s. military withdrew from aoeu rake. the struggles continue. for the people who soldiers win that war. >> . one of those helping hands lives in aurora. thanks to a nonprofit behind. >> tammy vigil is live with how and why they are resettling iraqs here in america. >> . they are bringing iraq and afghan here. thousands were vital to american soldiers in battle over seas. they have helped resettle more than a thousand interpreters here in denver. you're about to meet the 45 family.
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>> his interpreter killed two taliban fighter. saves his life. after a five year battle. he got him to the u.s. >> the risk these gays have. is very great. very great. there's a lot of people that will kill them. >> now they have helped hundreds of others. including thomas. >> . my kids future will be
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>> . >> we're going to have more of your broncos post game coverage. plus holiday travelers returning home. that means a very busy
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